Why did this happen ??
Since the beginning of the year we have more rain than "you could poke a stick at". Wingham and district suffered flooding and damage as much as any other town in the north-east of the State. In our correspondence with Council we were informed that due to the present condition of the grounds, NO events would be permitted and our application to run the Festival as usual was rejected.
This was a major disappointment to us as we finalised all of the preparations for the Festival just a week before.
So what could we do ??
There were only 2 choices we could arrive at:
1. Cancel the event completely or
2. Change the date.
Choice 1 did not appeal as it meant heartache all round. We have to consider the Pipe Bands and other performers, stall holders, dignitaries and their families, accommodation providers in the town and of course the safety and welfare of the public.
So choice 2 won out. Now our problem was to try to fit in with all the other Scottish and Celtic Events on the calendar, any local markets or events, and anything else that might draw the public, bands, stall holders away from our event.
Careful consideration of all the possible dates revealed that SATURDAY 27th AUGUST 2022 was the most likely date to stage the event. The Committee agreed.
And there it is.
SATURDAY 27th AUGUST 2022 Central Park, Wingham
The program may change slightly so stay tuned.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to seeing you on the 27th.
John Lauder
BWSF Committee